Ecozone Tough Limescale Remover

Ecozone Tough Limescale Remover

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Ecozone’s highly effective Tough Limescale Remover has been specially formulated to give you a thorough and deep clean every time on those hard to remove lime deposits that have built up on surfaces around the home due to hard water.

Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms & utility 
rooms. It’s also effective on soap scum and various other organic residues that accumulate on tiles, bath tubs, shower screens, splash backs etc.

  • Removes encrusted limescale 
  • Maintains surfaces & prevents limescale return 
  • Leaves a brilliant lasting shine


how to use: spray onto surface and leave on for a few moments then wipe away with a damp cloth or sponge. For a sparkling finish buff with a dry cloth. For stubborn limescale repeat application and leave solution on problem area for longer