BMT Dump Truck

BMT Dump Truck

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This dump truck provides many opportunities for sensory play and exploring sand and water in the great outdoors. With a large load capacity for sand and other things, your little ones will love transporting items around the garden and sand pit. 

Dantoy's Blue Marine collection is crafted from recycled plastic from discarded maritime gear such as nets, trawls and ropes. These waste materials are transformed into toys, preventing pollution and reducing the amount of maritime trash in the ocean. Designed to entice children outdoors to play with sand and water while experiencing the natural world we must all cherish and preserve.

Features of the DanToy Dump Truck:

  • Included: Dump Truck
  • Approximate Dimensions: 28 x 14 x 12cm.
  • Materials: Recycled Plastic.
  • Age Recommendation: 2+ Years.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Please Note: Due to the recycled plastic materials, the colour of these toys are likely to vary from each set.