Ecospray Bike Lube

Ecospray Bike Lube

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Displaces water, prevents rust and lubricates.

EcoSpray Lube is skin safe, so if you do get it on your skin, it won't make you ill. It's a natural, plant based formula.

Other spray lubes out there contain PTFE and petroleum. They don't even bother with proper recycling information! This is crazy, as every fluid used on a bike ends up in the environment, and usually on a mechanic's hands. And your hands, and in your garden. Most street drains lead to rivers too.

- PTFE creates a carcinogen in its production.

- PTFE accumulates in the food chain, after your bike chain. We don't use PTFE

- Petrochemicals often do harm in the environment and aquatic life

We therefore don't use PTFE or petrochemicals, only natural ingredients.

The fluid content of Green Oil EcoLube Spray is 100% biodegradable.

We don't use palm oil - all our ingredients are sustainable sourced. We use plant based ingredients, natural molecules with similar long chain molecules to those found in petrochemicals. The mixture used is sticky enough to stay on the chain, but not so sticky excess dirt sticks to it.