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Wooden Bike Brush
Wooden Bike Brush

Wooden Bike Brush

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Use to clean your bike chain, sprocket and hard to reach places. The 'cog spike' at the base of the brush can be used to clean out the derailleur cogs. This bike brush comes from Green Oil, a lovely startup in South London producing eco-friendly bicycle products. They really care about life cycle of every element of their products, so you can rest assured that you are limiting your environmental impact when shopping with them. The entire brush, down to the ink, is biodegradable.

  • Made with sustainably-sourced FSC certified wood
  • Durable, plant-based bristles
  • Crafted to last

How to use your Bicycle Brush 

1. Soak Bicycle Brush bristles in water.

2. If using for frame cleaning, test on a small area to ensure paint compatibility 

3. After applying Green Clean or Clean Chain degreaser, use to clean your bike and various parts. On a chain or sprocket, you can scrub very hard without causing the bursh damage. See the video with Anna Glowinski below for more.

4. Thoroughly rinse the Bicycle Brush 

5. Leave to dry in the sun or on a radiator for a long Bicycle Brush life. Do not store damp in a box as it could go mouldy.