'BAMBOO-TEE' Womens T SHIRT - Raglan, 3/4 Length SLEEVE


'BAMBOO-TEE' Womens T Shirt - Raglan, 3/4 Length Sleeve w/ wide neck

Available in a range of colours!


Our super soft Bamboo-Tee shirts are a lightweight, breathable, incredibly soft and ultra-sustainable alternative to cotton or Lycra. If you're out exercising it wicks well, lets airflow through and is soft and light on the skin and if you're wrapping up in the cold  then it's great for layering too.


Bamboo itself requires 1/3 as much water as cotton and, as it has no natural pests, it doesn't require insecticides or pesticides which means it's far easier to grow as an organic crop. It can also grow on marginal land, which limits the need to give over arable space to textile production.


70% Bamboo Viscose - 30% Organic Cotton

3oz / 115g


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