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Recycled Sari Silk Scarves

As part of our site redesign this page is a work in progress, more images and information will be added in due course.

Our recycled Sari silk scarves are hand stitched by a worker's collective in Kolkata, India. Using traditional Kantha stitching two pieces are put together to create a double sided and unique design.

Unfortunately we're unable to sell these directly online for just that reason, with each one being unique it's impossible to upload each one we get in. However, as they're so popular, we're more than happy to try to find the one for you even if you can't visit us at the shop or one of the shows we attend. The best way to go about it is to e-mail us at info@karavaneco.co.uk to give us an idea of what sort of colours you're looking for, then we'll go through our stock and find a suitable range which we can send pictures of to you. Be sure to address the e-mail to Kim too, our resident colour expert and occasional personal shopper-extraordinaire! Given her own extensive collection of scarves she's the best one to find the one for you. With the wide and ever changing range of choices it can take a while to find the one you like, but once you do you've got a unique piece for life!