Plastering & Preparation

To get the best results when decorating then take care to prepare the base surface properly.
Small cracks and holes need filling as imperfections are even more obvious after painting.
AURO paints are designed to work with these fillers and we advice against using other products as some may contain chemicals or conflict with the high quality of the AURO paints.

AURO 329 Multi Filler - £9.98 0.5L or £25.98 3L
White filler for repairing cracks, holes and unevenness on interior plaster, stone, brick etc. An eco answer to PolyFiller.
Comes in powder form, simply add water. For repairing cracks, holes and uneveness on plaster, stone and brick before covering with wall paper or painting. Not suitable for outside use or on floors and avoid continuous and excessively damp areas like old basements.

AURO 342 High-Grade Lime Filler - £31.49 3L or £101.99 20L
Levels surfaces with uneven absorbency, e.g. gypsum plasterboard, prior to the coating with High-grade lime paints or plasters.
It is suited for repairing small defects as well as for surface levelling.
The product can be tinted with AURO Lime tinting base no. 350. It can also be compressed with a smoothing trowel, Venetian shape, to produce glassy wall surfaces, similar to the Moroccan Tadelakt.
This product comes in powder form for self-mixing with water, once mixed use within approx 8 hours.
3kg covers approx 8m2 at 0.5mm thickness per coat.
20kg covers approx 55m2 at 0.5mm thickness per coat.
Ingredients: mineral fillers, calcium hydroxide, cellulose

AURO 396 Cork Filler - £17.99 0.5L
Breathable, solvent-free, filler for cavities around window and door frames, for ecologically sound installation - fills cavities between brickwork and window and door frames providing good sound and heat insulation.
Supplied in a plastic 'sausages' to minimise waste, the cork granulate is applied using a pressure gun.
The cork-coloured filler can be overpainted for use internally and externally.

Auro 231 Paint Filler - £5.99 100ml
An all purpose filler that creates a perfectly smooth finish to painted surfaces; for interior and exterior use on woodwork and walls.
Use to smooth out small areas of damage or surface imperfections and to fill cracks in the substrate prior to painting - a must have for all decorators.
Fill larger holes and gaps in 2 or 3 stages to avoid shrinkage. If using on exterior surfaces ensure you over paint the affected area before any serious weather sets in.


Individually textured walls make your rooms livelier, warmer and more interesting.
AURO offers ready-to-use plaster in different grit sizes and densities as well as dispersion plaster and lime plaster for application by paint roller or by brush.
Lime plaster is the number one choice for mould prevention.

Natural resin plasters

Auro 311 Fibre Plaster - £82.98 10L
Malleable texture thanks to cellulose fibres: white decorative plaster for individual wall designs. Apply with a spatula or a wide paint brush, smooth over or texture in wavy patterns. Shells, grasses or tinted magic wool can be pressed into the plaster - there is no limit on creativity. If you want to add some colour, tint with 5% max. of AURO Full-shade tinting colour No. 330 (provides pastel colours), rework with AURO Colour wash plant glazes No. 360 or dirt-repellent AURO Wall glaze wax No. 370 to obtain a slightly coloured effect on the white plaster. In contrast to conventional plaster, wall coverings made of fibre plaster feel very warm and create a comfortable atmosphere. Coverage is 6 sqm.

Auro 307/308/309 Roll On Plaster (Fine or Medium Grain) - £89.99 16kg
For creative wall textures: mat white rendering with a fine grain size. Open-pored, good coverage and easy to use also by non professionals. Apply with a brush ("eight curve figures") or use a paint roller to obtain a finer texture. For perfect adhesion on old but still intact coatings, prime with Auro Plaster grip coat no. 315. For substrates that are highly or irregularly absorbent, untreated or show considerable contrasts we advise priming with Auro Natural resin primer No. 302. If you want to add some colour, tint with 5% max. of AURO Full-shade tinting colour No. 330 (provides pastel colours).
Choose either fine or medium grain. Medium grain is coarser than the fine leaving a slightly more textured finish.

AURO 310 Universal Roll & Brush Render - £71.99 (7.5kg) or £134.99 (15kg)
For creative wall textures.
This white rendering with a very fine grain size is based on a mineral binding agent that provides a permanent white and a good resistance against mould and fungi. 
AURO 310 adheres perfectly even on difficult substrates, is breathable, covers well and is easy to use. 
Apply with a brush (we suggest a decoration brush) in a figure of eight motion or use a paint roller to obtain a smoother texture.
A prime coat with AURO Plaster grip coat no. 315 is recommended. 
If you want to add some colour, tint with max. 5% of AURO Full-shade tinting colour no. 330 (provides pastel colours), or rework with AURO Colour wash plant glazes no. 360 or AURO Wall glaze wax no. 370 on the white rendering.

Lime Plasters

AURO 345 High-grade Lime Plaster - £51.98 (7.5kg) or £89.99 (15kg)
Traditional mineral plaster based on aged slaked lime, in professional quality with excellent properties, e.g. moisture-vapour permeability, ability to prevent mould growth and absorb odours.
This ready-to-use plaster is suitable for indoors (also damp rooms) and basements. Its fine-grained texture provides for very decorative surfaces which breathe at the same time.
For perfect adhesion on old but still intact coatings, prime with Auro Plaster grip coat no. 315.
The Lime plaster can be applied by roller or brush; different textures are obtained depending on the application method.
The product can be tinted with AURO Lime tinting base no. 350.

AURO 347 High-grade Trowel Lime Plaster - £89.99 (18kg) or tester for £2.59
This beaming white plaster is based on aged slaked lime, suitable for texturing and ready to use. 
It is moisture-vapour permeable, helps to prevent mould infestations and absorbs odours. The plaster is suited for interiors and basements.
This heavy product can be applied with a trowel or decoratively textured by means of a brush or spatula.
It can be tinted with AURO Lime tinting base no. 350. Due to the weight of the product, adequate machinery (e.g. a paint stirrer) should be used to mix in the tints. However, the Lime tinting base paints can also be painted on the dried through plaster surface to create coloured walls.